Hello!  My name is Elysa and I am an aspiring artist.  Ever since I could pick up a pencil I was always doodling, and I always knew that when I grew up, it would have to do with art. Fast forward to now, and the work I have been doing has nothing to do with art! Since I started working I have hardly drawn and I believe it has left a hole in my life.  I am now bringing it back to me.

As part of my effort to bring this love back into my life, I have created this comic. I named is Lane Dominance as at first all of my ideas centered around jokes as a support in lane on the game League of Legends.  Who knows, it may evolve to cover more things, or it just may all be league references, we will see!  This will help me to evolve as an artist and as a story teller, let’s all see how it turns out!